About me

I have  been drawing and creating from the time I remember.  It was always my dream from childhood to become an “artist” but as I grew I realized that it takes more than just saying the word, it is a continuous development and a never ending vision.  I believe we are all born to be creatures we just need to decide in what direction we would like to go.

I was so fortunate to learn and expand myself through fabulous art teachers at T.A.F.E. College in Townsville N.Q. Australia and graduated as a Visual Art and Design artist.

I decided to make my art a profession and also to teach others what I had learned after my return to Iceland twenty one years ago.

I use and teach with various mediums.  I can not say what is my favorite medium because I just love seeing what I can create with each one.  I do very much love painting “en plein air” when weather allows as it is so challenging.





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